Reece Fielding

Software Developer, Video Game Designer, Music Meddler

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I am Reece Fielding

A little about me

Online, I am known as Dragonphase, or sometimes Rouze. I am a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Software Engineering. I've always had a creative mind, and am always thinking about things I can create, or ways I can improve existing things for everyone's benefit. I like to draw, create music, enjoy running and play the piano.

Software Developer

I make convenience applications for personal use, and am currently in the process of refactoring them so that they can be distributed and shared with the world.

Video Game Designer

I am an avid gamer, and more often than not I ponder on the technologies and processes involved in the creation of the games I play. I hope to apply what I learn to my own games so that one day I might share the games I create with the world!

Music Meddler

I create electronic music! I created a SoundCloud account several years ago when I was still experimenting with electronic music, and you can visit the page here I may still upload to that account when experimenting, however my full tracks will likely be posted on my newer account here